References I used whilst on prac

This blog post is dedicated to the websites I used whilst I was on placement.

“These URLS were used to assist me in writing my lesson plans. These were the expectations for EDC3100 students. Students will engage with the design and delivery of learning experiences for individuals and groups employing a range of developmentally appropriate and flexible teaching, learning and assessment strategies and resources in ICT enriched environments. The course provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding related to ICT and pedagogy and their ability to integrate ICT into the curriculum. The practicum will provide specific opportunities for students to plan, implement and reflect upon their developing ICT pedagogy. Resources developed throughout the course may be selected by students for inclusion in their digital portfolios, which they will create throughout the program as evidence of their learning. A 15 day Professional Experience placement is attached to this course (BVET 25 hours) “(USQ Professional Experience, 2016).



English :

Health and Physical Education:


Brain Gym:


The last section…

Has anyone looked at this section (BELOW)? I feel like all I am going to do is be repeating myself again! This assignment is so long! So far I have over 12000 words. This is ridiculous!

“Identify three different examples of an insight you have gained about using ICTs to enhance your students’ learning. Ensure that each connects in some way with a success, failure or factor mentioned above, which in turn should connect it to a lesson plan and/or your planning process. Make sure that these connections exist.Make sure that the insights gained are written explicitly in terms of how you are going to change your approach to planning the use of ICTs to enhance student learning.”

Part D = what the hell?

I don’t know if anyone else has done part D cause I am struggling! Like really is all of the below necessary??

This can be accessed here.

There are likely to be many factors that impacted on your use of ICTs to enhance student learning. The assignment only expects two. This is again where some effort to group factors together into broader categories. Rather than list all the technical limitations (e.g. slow Internet access, Internet filter, under-powered computers, not enough ICTs) you might group these under “Technical limitations”.

The learning path will go into this in more detail, but you should take care when trying to decide what it was that worked, didn’t work and what factors impacted your ICT integration.  For example, was it really the technical limitations that limited your ICT integration or was it some other factors? Such as not testing the technology appropriately, not knowing enough about the use of the technology, or not being able to think of applications that would have been more appropriate to the available technology.

What I will be doing!

During my professional experience I have been allocated the Health unit teaching healthy and unhealthy foods, Science teaching living things and their environments, Mathematics teaching 2D/3D shapes, addition and subtraction strategies and English teaching character descriptions. Each day consists of Mathematics and English and Science and Health are taught twice a week. Hopefully I will be able to incorporate some ICT.  The classroom contains seven iPads, digital camera, a teacher’s computer and a projector screen. Unfortunately the teacher’s computer often crashes or will not connect to the internet. The students have satisfactory skills of how to navigate and use the iPads. One a week for an hour the students use the computer lab to learn basic computing skills.

My class

The year one class I will spending my three weeks with consists of 23 students, 10 girls and 13 boys. Two students have type one diabetes and require regular support due to frequent hypo and hyperglycaemia. One students was an early entry to prep and therefore does not have the attention span or maturity of the rest of the class.  One student has a learning disability which puts her intellectual ability level at three years old. There are five students who are pre-readers and require constant support. One student has been diagnosed with ADHD, but is not on medication due to personal beliefs. He also in the process of being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and had anger management issues. One child witnessed such trauma at a young age that they learning and speech problems. There is one student who speaks fluent Chinese at home and school is the only place she speaks English.

Learning Journal

This was one of my learning journals! I agree with Monners that these have been super helpful!
* You have completed 64.0% of the learning path activities for weeks 9, 10, 11 and 15.
More than 50% but less than 75% of activities complete means 2/5 marks.
* Your average post length was 124.7 words. Calculated by the total word count of all your posts divided by the number of posts.
An average length greater than 100 words gives 5/5 marks.
* 70.0% of your posts contained links.
More than 60% of posts with links means 5/5 marks.
* You had 7 posts with links to other student blogs.
More than 2 posts with link(s) to other student blogs means 5/5 marks.
* You had an average of 2.5 posts per week. Calculated by your total number of posts (10) divided by 4 weeks.
2 posts per week means 3/5 marks

ICTs on placement :/

So for the third assignment for the ICT course we have to use five lesson plans from placement showing how we incorporated ICT to enhance learning… The classroom I am working in doesn’t really have much. We have the teachers computer which is linked to a projector that is displayed on a wall. We have a classroom camera and maybe a few iPads, but they don’t get used. This has made it a bit hard when it comes to trying to plan my lessons. My mentor has been really good and has given me some ideas what I can do. For one of my lessons the children had to make a 2D shape with their bodies and then we talk a photo of it and they had to write what shape they were and the attributes of the shape.