Part D = what the hell?

I don’t know if anyone else has done part D cause I am struggling! Like really is all of the below necessary??

This can be accessed here.

There are likely to be many factors that impacted on your use of ICTs to enhance student learning. The assignment only expects two. This is again where some effort to group factors together into broader categories. Rather than list all the technical limitations (e.g. slow Internet access, Internet filter, under-powered computers, not enough ICTs) you might group these under “Technical limitations”.

The learning path will go into this in more detail, but you should take care when trying to decide what it was that worked, didn’t work and what factors impacted your ICT integration.  For example, was it really the technical limitations that limited your ICT integration or was it some other factors? Such as not testing the technology appropriately, not knowing enough about the use of the technology, or not being able to think of applications that would have been more appropriate to the available technology.


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